Since we have started to release in 2010, we have observed that certain places are chosen by different eagles, despite being far away. These are typical locations for the dispersal of the species, but still we are amazed about the confluence of eagles of different origin in very concrete places of our country. We would like to talk about the Andalusian case: during all that time we have received more than 3.000 GPS positions of nine different eagles released through Life Bonelli. In some cases they were only travelling movements, but others show that the eagles had settled and passed weeks or months in some areas. Often these locations are of vital importance for the conservation of the species.


Areas most frequented by the eagles released through Life Bonelli. Kernel 95% yellow, Kernel 50% salmon colour.



Artois durante su periodo de dependencia en Navarra.

Viaje de Artois desde Navarra.


Viajes de Zahara, Yser, Graná, Turón, Atalaya y Verdún.



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