The Life Bonelli Project includes four teams dedicated to the release of birds (Mallorca, Madrid, Navarra and Álava). Their flow of ideas and shared knowledge is of great value and we are trying to foster it through common visits to the release areas of the Bonelli’s Eagle like the one that took place this past 27/28 of October in Navarra and Álava. In this way, around twenty members of the four project teams could share two days of observation, talks and an environment of friendship.


In Antoñana, on October 28, in front of the rocky walls where two chicks from Álava had been released in 2015 (Photo: Javier López de Luzuriaga).



Momento de la charla del grupo a pie de hacking, en la Foz de Lumbier (Foto: Carmelo Fernández).


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