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No end to the electrocution of Bonelli’s Eagles: this time it happened to 'Álora'

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Life Bonelli: Improvement measures of habitat in Navarra

As part of the Life Bonelli Project, several improvement measures of the habitat of Bonelli’s Eagles are planned. During...


1. - Meetings and work day with the hunters association and the Town Council of Gallipienzo/Galipentzu

There are discussions and collaboration agreements underway with social organizations involved in the species’ conservation in Navarra during the development of the LIFE Bonelli Action 2. These discussions aim the collaboration and co-participation in the design and execution of the conservation actions planed in the project.

Particularly during 2014, there have been meetings and talks with the representatives of the Hunters Society San Zoilo and the Town Council of Gallipenzo, aiming to the complementary actions to be developed for the improvement of the habitat of hunting species that could be potential preys for the Bonelli eagle.

The collaboration commitments reached are mainly about the coordination of the interventions for the habitat improvement planed in LIFE Bonelli (actions for managing the Mediterranean brushwood Action 1 and improvement of the habitat of prey species of the Bonelli eagle, Action 2) with  the hunting society is planning to execute within the estate they manage. The Hunters Society funds their interventions through the annual call for grants from the General Directorate for the Environment for the prevention of damage and the improvement of the habitat of the hunting species, as well as with their own funds.

In September 19, 2014 we spent a day in the field when we visited Valescura and Engubelea within the municipality of Gallipenzo.  The aim was to select jointly the most favourable areas for the habitat improvement, therefore covering a bigger space developing the actions on the most favourable areas.  We have taken into account ecologic aspects, logistics and social response to interventions in favour of the Bonelli eagle.  This way we try to achieve higher possibilities of success and keeping these favourable conditions for hunting species in the future.

The technical staff of the LIFE Bonelli Project (GAN and the Government of Navarra), the Mayor of Gallipienzo/Galipentzu, representatives of the Hunting Society San Zoilo and officers of the Forest Rangers of the Government of Navarra participated on a working day, visiting the locations of Valdescura and Engubelea within the municipality of Gallipienzo.

A meeting was held on December 11, 2014 at the facilities of the Service for Biodiversity Conservation (Government of Navarra), between representatives of the Hunting Society San Zoilo, specialist of the GAN working in the Habitat Section as well as the Hunting and Fishing Section.  The aim was to settle the actions for the improvement of the habitat of hunting species that were proposed by the Hunting Society, in order to meet the technical conditions required in the next call for grants of the General Directorate for Environment during 2015.  The actions to be developed in order to complement those already performed by the Hunting Society were also studied. It was decided to do some of the sowing planned in action C2.3 (Improvement of the red partridge habitat) of the LIFE Bonelli over the plots that were cleared by the Hunting Society during the winter 2014-2015.

Meeting held between representatives of the Hunting Society San Zoilo (Gallipienzo/Galipentzu) and LIFE Bonelli specialist, Habitat Section and Hunting and Fishing Section of the Government of Navarra.

2. Informative Meeting with the Council of Etxauri

It took place on June 27, 2014 at the Town Hall where the specialists of the LIFE Bonelli GAN and those of the Section of Habitats of the Government of Navarra met the Mayor and the Town Councillor for the Environment.  The aim was to inform about the beginning of the project and the main actions of LIFE in Navarra.  We explained that there are no actions planned for the reinforcement of the population (C4) for now within the ZEPA of Etxauri but there were measures for the habitat of prey species (C4) in the area.  The representatives of the Town Council explained some of the measures previously developed by the Hunting Society and posed the concern that some of the climbing association presented them due the possibility of forbidding climbing in Etxauri.  The Council was informed that the future regulation for the climbing activities do not observe forbidding completely this activity in Etxauri and that working on an agreed regulation on zones in order to make compatible the public use and the preservation goals of the ZEPA is underway.

Pamplona, December 18, 2014


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