As in previous occasions (sadly too many), we regret to inform you about the loss of another animal we had been monitoring. This time it is the Bonelli’s Eagle Álora, recently electrocuted. Yet again, the drama related with overhead electricity lines is hitting us hard, and lately with increasing frequency.


A GREFA expert and an environmental agent of Castilla-La Mancha examining the dead body of the Bonelli’s Eagle Álora.


Our captivity breeding team observed attentively the cameras, but finally the female Bonelli’s Eagle chose to lay her first egg of the season under the cover of night and far away from prying eyes.


The first egg of a Bonelli’s Eagle in 2016


In the Virtual Library of the Bonelli’s Eagle we offer you around 300 documents related to the Bonelli’s Eagle, its conservation and, of course, the Life Bonelli Project, as well as other similar projects. It contains different archives such as books in pdf, scientific articles, technical reports, speeches and congress posters. These are distributed according to the following topics: Biology-Ecology / Conservation / Breeding / Recruitment / Diet and nutrition / Dispersion and movements / Distribution and demographics / Quality and selection of habitat / Interaction with other species / Reintroduction / Electricity lines.


Bonelli’s Eagle


As part of the Life Bonelli Project, several improvement measures of the habitat of Bonelli’s Eagles are planned. During 2015, in the municipalities of Lumbier and Gallipienzo (Navarre), these works included the clearing of Mediterranean shrubs in abandoned agricultural plots, the sowing of meadow species and leguminal crops to improve the habitat of hunting species and the construction of a pigeon loft.


Clearing of ticket carried out in territories of Lumbier. Photo A. Llamas


2015 finished with a heavy blow for Life Bonelli: Dílar, a female Bonelli’s Eagle released a year ago in Mallorca, had been electrocuted. What made the loss even worse was that she had formed a couple together with Dodiel, a male specimen of the Project, and we had great expectations that they would breed in the upcoming season.


Dílar at the support feeding point where she was fed for three months, with a yellow-legged gull.


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