After Senegal, she came back to her already known area in South Mauritania, a wet area with plenty of ledges and cliffs.  After some very quiet days, we began to worry; we didn’t know if she was OK. Some days later, it seems that she has started moving.  We hope that she is fine and has a long future ahead.  Here you can find some Panoramio pictures of the area she inhabits.


Junta de Andalucía has handed over another specimen of Bonelli eagle for its liberation in Mallorca, as part of the collaboration within the LIFE Bonelli framework.  This is the reason why our rescue team traveled to the recovery centre “El Blanqueo” in Granada on September 16, in order to transfer this specimen to GREFA where she will be provided with a transmitter once the recovery process is finished so that the LIFE Bonelli team can track her.


Immerse within the Sahara desert after crossing Spain, Morocco, Argelia and Mali, she is now in Mauritania.  This is something new unknown to this specie.  Hope that this hard experience will be passed satisfactorily by non-flying bipeds. We send our best expectations for Zahara but we can venture that it ended in the desert.


45 experts on the Bonelli's Eagle meet in Mallorca to familiarise themselves with the project and share conservation experiences.

The first LIFE BONELLI conference will take place from the 12th to the 14th of December 2013 in Mallorca.


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