The monitoring team of Life Bonelli in Álava brings us encouraging news from one of the Bonelli’s Eagles released in Navarre as part of this Project.


The female Fila in flight.


Though we can be generally optimistic about the success of Life Bonelli, sometimes certain facts show us how complex and difficult it can result when you try to reintroduce an endangered species. Yesterday we found Estepa dead, the most recent Bonelli’s Eagle released in Mallorca this past January, after having been handed over by the Andalusian Regional Government. The necropsy carried out by COFIB confirmed death by starvation.


The dead body of the Bonelli’s Eagle Estepa, found in Mallorca. Photo: Tomeu Morro.


It has been long overdue, but it is never too late to set things right. This pair of Bonelli’s Eagles, indeed a very special one, has been the last one to initiate the laying. The female is an unrecoverable specimen living already many years in GREFA (those who enter as adults in a centre need a lot of time to adapt and to reproduce in captivity), but the male is one of the first specimen coming from actions carried out in nests in Andalusia in 2007. This intent of reproduction is remarkable since it is the first time that such a combination actually bears its fruits.


Everything is going well in the French captive breeding centres of Life Bonelli, the Project aimed to recover the Bonelli’s Eagles in Spain, to which we are so dedicated. In two of these centres belonging to the UFCS, entity that assembles the mayority of French wildlife hospitals, there has been a total of five egg layings. All of these have been taken away and passed to the incubator, after which two of the Bonelli’s Eagles breeding pairs, one in each centre, have already produced a  replacement laying.


One of the Bonelli’s Eagles of the breeding centre in Vendée (France), sitting on her eggs.


After all the information about the numerous layings within the network of centres of captive breeding of the Bonelli’s Eagle, we would like to present to you the first specimen born within the Life Bonelli programme. These chicks of one of the experienced pairs of the GREFA programme, hatched without difficulty on March 6 and 7, without any assitance from our captive breeding team. Everything had been prepared for their birth: the nurturing team, their food, their registration forms.…, it is an event that marks the beginning of a very busy period in the captive breeding “high season”.


Chick about to be fed.


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