Listado de acciones propuestas


Preliminary actions, development of management and/or action plans


  • Study of potential settlements selected to implement these actions
  • Discussions to establish collaboration and joint participation


2013/2014 A1.- Preliminary study and report on the potentiality of the liberation areas for bonelli eagles
2013/2014 A2.- Discussion on the collaboration and co-participation lines in Navarra
2013/2104 A2.– Collaboration agreement between GREFA and the estates 




Specific actions for conservation


  • Maintenance of traditional breeding practices
  • Maintenance and/or recovery of prey populations
  • Reduction of dangers and potential causes of death
  • Measures for increasing population
  • Monitoring of breeding pairs and removal of chicks from their nests
  • Increase in the Bonelli's Eagle progenitor pools and fledgling production


2013/2014 C2.- Maintainance and/or recovery of prey populations
2013/2014 C4.- Breeding in captivity
2013/2014 C4.- Population reinforcement means.  GREFA-Comunidad de Madrid
2013/2014 C4. Recovery of wounded birds
2013/2014 C5. Monitoring the reproductive couples in the Comunidad de Madrid
2013/2014 C5. Control of the population and reproduction monitoring of the Bonelli eagle (Aquila Fasciata) in Álava-Araba (2014)
2015 LIFE Bonelli: final balance of the season 2015 of the captive breeding programme




Monitoring of the impact of the project's actions


  • Monitoring of reintroduced birds
  • Monitoring of the populations of prey species
  • Assessment of the socio-economic impact as well as on the ecosystem



Public awareness and joint efforts


  • Communication plan
  • Knowledge management
  • Specific media campaigns against hunters, climbers, etc.
  • Media and awareness campaigns for “Bonelli. living nature”


2013/2014 E1.-A project presented in Palma de Mallorca to protect the Bonelli's Eagles in the Iberian Peninsula



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