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No end to the electrocution of Bonelli’s Eagles: this time it happened to 'Álora'

As in previous occasions (sadly too many), we regret to inform you about the loss of another animal we had been monitori...

First egg of a Bonelli’s Eagle in 2016

Our captivity breeding team observed attentively the cameras, but finally the female Bonelli’s Eagle chose to lay her fi...

At your disposition the Virtual Library of the Bonelli’s Eagle

In the Virtual Library of the Bonelli’s Eagle we offer you around 300 documents related to the Bonelli’s Eagle, its cons...

Life Bonelli: Improvement measures of habitat in Navarra

As part of the Life Bonelli Project, several improvement measures of the habitat of Bonelli’s Eagles are planned. During...

Estimations of the prey population in the south of the Comunidad de Madrid and north of Toledo were made during the spring of 2013.  The aim was to typify the dispersal areas of the specimens liberated in the West Mountains of the Comunidad de Madrid.  In 2014-2015 this information will be analysed and a scientific paper will be issued.

The species targeted were the Partridge (Alectoris rufa) and the hare (Lepus granatensis) and they were quantified with the applicable methodology to “Distance” and lineal transects of 500 mts.


Figure 1 shows the situation of the transects

Figure 1 shows the situation of the transectsTable 1 shows the results.

Nr. Of transects 210
Km traversed 105
Nr. Of partridge groups 169
Nr. Of partirdges 289
Nr. Of hares 42
Nr. Of contacts 200





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