Thus far this year, four Bonelli’s Eagles chicks were born in captivity: two in the centre of GREFA (Majadahonda, Madrid) and another two in the one Christian Pacteau operates in Vendée (France). Well, a third centre has joined this carousel of good news, the one of Jean-Claude Mourgues in Ardèche (France), with a chick born to the breeding pair formed by the female Montilla and the male Moriles.


A newborn Bonelli’s Eagle chick in the breeding centre for this species in Ardèche (France).


The tracking of a Bonelli’ Eagle by GREFA, one of the members of Life Bonelli, permitted recently to “uncover” one of the most dramatic cases of poisoning of wildlife species in Castilla-La Mancha. As a result, a hunting ground in the municipal district of Medranda (Guadalajara), where most of the massacred animals were found in these recent massive deaths due to the illegal use of poisoned bait, has been subject to an administrative fine of 25.000 Euros and the suspension of any hunting activity for two years. Another hunting ground had also been penalized for poisoning, in this case around twenty animals had died, most of them raptors.


The dead body of the Bonelli’s Eagle monitored by GREFA which had died from posion in the province of Guadalajara. Photo: GREFA.


On March 7, we celebrated the Day of the Eagle in the Natural Park “Península de Levante” (Mallorca) as part of the Life Bonelli Project, organized by the Foundation Natura Parc and the COFIB.


Children with Bonelli’s Eagles masks which they had painted and shaped themselves on the Day of the Eagle.


March 20, 2015. As part of the Life Bonelli Project we had the honour to receive the visit and to listen to one of our leading investigators in applied research on the conservation of endangered species. On March 6, Miguel Delibes de Castro, Doctor in Biology and research scientist of the Doñana Biological Station, gave a lecture in Palma de Mallorca, convened by COFIB, the Agriculture and Environment Departmente of the Foundation Natura Parc.


From left to right: Miguel Delibes de Castro, Neus Lliteras (General Director of Natural Environment of the Balearic Government) and Joan Mayol (Head of Department of the Protection of Species of the Balearic Government).


March 19, 2015. Vent arrived at Mallorca at the end of April 2011, together with two other chicks from Andalusia. They were the first three Bonelli’s Eagles released in Mallorca.


Vent, on the right, with Pal, in the hacking nest, just arrived at the Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca. Photo: Oriol Domenech.


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