On April 27, Escorca, the second chick of Bonelli’s Eagle born free, is already 32 days old. Although he passes many hours alone in the nest, his parents stay very close, watching over him at all times.


Escorca, on the left, the white feather ball, his father Vent in the middle and his mother Bel, on the right.


As we told you earlier, the two Bonelli’s Eagles reintroduced in Mallorca get on very well together. The male, Dante, and the female Daimiel are still together today, sharing territory in the northeast of the island. Also, last week we found proof that Daimiel had caught a yellow-legged gull.


We found the rest of the prey by chance in a small olive grove near where Daimiel had been released already six months ago. We can easily identify that the predator has been a Bonelli’s Eagle, since no other bird of prey leaves the dead bodies of their winged preys with just the wings and the collarbone as you can see in the photo. Thus we could be sure that the gull had been chased and eaten by Daimiel.


The first year in the life of any wild animal is risky. Their lack of life experience makes them extremely vulnerable to numerous  mortal dangers. In the case of the Bonelli’s Eagles, the survival rate is around 46-50%. However, the five chicks of this species flying over Mallorca since 2014 have survived this critical first year. We wanted to share these great news with you on behalf of the Life Bonelli Project.


Darwin flying south of the Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca) in September 2014.  Photo: Juan José Bazán (GORA).


The project of reintroduction of the Golden Eagle in Galicia is a reference for the technicians of the Life Bonelli Project who travelled to Lobios in the Natural Park of Serra do Xurés (Ourense) to get first-hand knowledge about its methodology and results.


Alberto Gil, responsible for the reintroduction of the Golden Eagle in Galicia, sharing the key aspects of his project with the technicians of Life Bonelli.


On April 9 and 10, GREFA travelled to one of the centres of captive breeding that collaborates with the Life Bonelli Project to pick up the first Bonelli’s Eagles born in French projects. This seems a simple task, but this journey requires special coordination and swiftness since the young eagles, even being already twenty days old, are still very delicate. And besides, the journey from our French colleagues in Vendée back to GREFA in Majadahonda (Madrid) takes ten hours.


Christian Pacteau with Argonne and Verdun, the first Bonelli’s Eagles chicks.


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