The four Bonelli’s Eagles which are still settled in the territory near their hacking situated this year in Lumbier (Navarra) have started the movements previous to dispersion.  For the time being, they move around mainly in the Natural Reserve of La Piedra y San Adrián, doing flight practice and defending their territory against griffon vultures, red and black kites or kestrels.


The Bonelli’s Eagle Artois, at the feeding point.


This year 2015, six chicks of Bonelli’s Eagles were released in Mallorca, two born in the captive breeding centre of GREFA (the males Escorial y Elmo) and four brought from Andalusia (three females, Estepona, Enix and Era de Ronda, and one male, Estero).


This image was taken by a photo-trap this past 30 of June. We can see three of the six Bonelli’s Eagles released in Mallorca in 2015 while eating.


Almost twenty days ago we introduced the last chicks of Bonelli’s Eagle, in the southwest of the Community of  Madrid. These sum up to the impressive figure of twelve specimen of the species in the same zone in 2015. The best news we can give you is that all of them, except one who had to be recaptured due to a malformation, are healthy and flying free.


The last two Bonelli’s Eagles are already flying over Madrid.


Environmental studies are playing an important role in the Expo Milan 2015. Proof of it is that GREFA has participated in a meeting about Biodiversity in the Mediterranean, on June29 in the pavilion of Italy. Invited by the Region of Sicily, organizer of the event, an important number of representatives of organisms and NGOs exchanged views in Milan, among them obviously the Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli (LIPU) y Legambiente.


Ernesto Álvarez, president of GREFA, during his speech at the convention about Biodiversity in the Mediterranean celebrated on June 29, 2015 at the Expo in Milan.


The Life Bonelli Project needs the help and the acceptance of society in order to make it work. Therefore, apart from the big effort to make it known, the team of the Project in Mallorca invites volunteers to take part as a way of implication of our society in the recuperation of the Bonelli’s Eagle.


Ben Jones from Wales, next to a vehicle of the Life Bonelli Project.


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