At the beginning of September, a team of Life Bonelli visited the reinforcement project of the Imperial Eagle in Cádiz, under the authority of the Andalusian Regional Government and under tutorship of the Migres Foundation and the Doñana Biological Station. The reason for this visit was to make known projects similar to Life Bonelli and thus enrich ourselves with the experience (Networking).

Three young Imperial Eagles eating. 


Independently of the work developed during the past years regarding the marking and tracking of specimen, as well as the detection and evaluation of infectual diseases of the Bonelli’s Eagles, especially in Andalusia and the Community of Madrid, now we are receiving very interesting information from the Community of Valencia.


Details of the movement (circling to gain height) in 3D based on one localization per second received by a transmittor carried by the male specimen of the couple marked in the National Park of  Serra de Espadán (image by kind permisson of Pascual López, University of Alicante).




Antonio Quilis, director of the web diary, interviewed the president of GREFA during a broadcast by the radio station Cadena SER / Madrid North about the Life Bonelli Project. Ernesto Álvarez talked about this project in which we are deeply involved, to recover the population of the Bonelli’s Eagle in Spain.


Life Bonelli


As the development of the Life Bonelli Project, during 2015 we have released twelve specimen of Bonelli’s Eagles in the Sierra Oeste (Eastern mountains) of the Community of Madrid. Eleven of them are still living free, but one had to be captured due to a malformation of a wing. Well, after several months in the liberation zone, some of them have decided to emigrate.


A young Bonelli’s Eagle, about 90 days old, marked with a radio transmitter,. Photo: Juan Jaramillo


More than two months have passed since we placed a GPS transmitter to the Bonelli’s Eagle Dueña, actually settled in the territory of the Tajo valley where she was born, between the Community of Madrid and the Province of Toledo. A chick born free to one of the few pairs of her species in a territory adjacent to Madrid.


The Bonelli’s Eagle Dueña. Photo: Juan Jaramillo


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