One of the actions for disseminating news about the Life Bonelli Project involves rural tourism of Mallorca. On this island, ornithological tourism and nature tourism in general, is certainly widespread. Many of the tourists who visit us come with their binoculars and telephoto lenses, many of them from United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands etc. In fact, some of the best photographs we have of the Bonelli’s Eagles released in Mallorca have been taken by foreigners on holiday on the island.


Lluís Parpal, managing director of COFIB, handing over the promotional brochures of Life Bonelli to Miquel Artigues, president of the Balearic Association of  Rural Tourism.


One of the mayor challenges of Life Bonelli is to make known to the general public our interventions and efforts. In this respect, any support we receive from the media is very welcome. A good example is the media coverage about the initial flights of Soila and Oteo, the first specimens of the project released in the Basque country, in the valley Kanpezu in Álava.


The initial flights of Soila and Oteo, in the Basque press


Invited by Avafes Canary Islands, this coming Thursday October 8, at 12:30 h, in the main auditorium of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, GREFA will give a talk on the aim to raise awareness about the wildlife rehabilitation centers as a tool for conservation of species.


Viajaremos a Las Palmas para hablar de nuestra labor conservacionista


This map of the Iberian Peninsula shows the dispersive movements of our Bonelli’s Eagles this past September, starting from their respective areas of liberation or birth.

Though some fell behind, we would like to show you the movements of our young eagles with satellite transmitters released in 2015 in the Community of Madrid, some others marked directly in their nests that same year in or around Madrid or in Eastern Andalusia, as part of the development of Life Bonelli. Many of you already know that the Life Bonelli Project is dedicated to the recovery of the Spanish population of this magnificent (and endangered) species.


Marne is the name of our last Bonelli’s Eagles (Aquila fasciata or águila perdicera) released this year in the Community of Madrid. She came from the French region of Vendée, where she has been raised in captivity in the centre of UFCS directed by our friend and collaborator Christian Pacteau. Marne was placed in the hacking of the liberation zone this past spring, like the rest of their kind that were reintroduced in 2015 in the territory of Madrid. We should remember that all these actions are forming part of the Life Bonelli Project which intends the recovery of the Bonelli’s Eagle in those areas of Spain where its presence is more precarious or even extinct.


Wonderful picture of Marne at a feeding point near the hacking, after her recent periplus through the centre and east of the Iberian Peninsula. Photo: Sergio de la Fuente.


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