One of the actions for disseminating news about the Life Bonelli Project involves rural tourism of Mallorca. On this island, ornithological tourism and nature tourism in general, is certainly widespread. Many of the tourists who visit us come with their binoculars and telephoto lenses, many of them from United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands etc. In fact, some of the best photographs we have of the Bonelli’s Eagles released in Mallorca have been taken by foreigners on holiday on the island.


Lluís Parpal, managing director of COFIB, handing over the promotional brochures of Life Bonelli to Miquel Artigues, president of the Balearic Association of  Rural Tourism.


Fotografía del águila de Bonelli 'Dalía', realizada por un turista inglés, Bob Burguess, el 30 de abril de 2015. Resulta muy interesante observar el desastroso estado del plumaje de este inmaduro liberado en Mallorca en 2014.


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