On May 6, the Foundation Natura Parc organized an activity in a Kindergarten in Consell (CEIP Bartomeu Ordinas) with the participation of collaborators of Life Bonelli Mallorca.


The children, listening attentively to the explanations and the video they shared.


Five Bonelli’s Eagles were released on May 4 in the Western Mountains of Madrid as part of the Life Bonelli Project. In the next few weeks another three of them will be released, a line of work of vital importance for the revovery of this species on a local and national level.


Members of GREFA actions developed in Andalusia and Navarre, as well as an expert and a representative of the Forest Officers form the Community of Madrid, present the eagles before their release.


Darwin and Dana have passed the last eight months in the same dispersion area, but neither did they sleep in the same trees nor make the same movements. Simply, the abundance of food brought them to the same zone. However, a few months ago they started to move around together in the Tramuntana mountains, they slept together and since 15 days they visit the Torrent de Pareis, one of the steepest areas of this mountain mass.


Dana and Darwin. Photo: Staffan Johansson


Miguel Delibes gave a lecture in Palma (Mallorca) about conservation on March 6, invited by the Life Bonelli Project. You can download the text.


Miguel Delibes, Neus Lliteras (Directora General de Medio Natural) y Joan Mayol (Jefe de Servicio de Protección de Especies).


On Saturday April 25, the four chicks of Bonelli’s Eagle that will be released this year have arrived in Mallorca.


The four chicks arriving at their hacking in Mallorca.


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