During a recent meeting in Nuevo Baztán (Madrid), the Life Bonelli Project, with the participation of GREFA, was presented to a large number of assistants. A talk about this Project had been programmed there within a series of conferences about the emblematic fauna of the Alcarria region of Madrid that was held from January 30 to February 21.


Ernesto Álvarez, president of GREFA, during his presentation of the Life Bonelli Project at a meeting in Nuevo Baztán.


The male Vent and the female Bel, the pair of Bonelli’s Eagles in Mallorca, which had been reintroduced within the Life Bonelli Project, have already initiated the incubation period, approximately one month earlier than last year. In 2014, they had started about mid-March, while this year we estimate it was around mid-February.


Since October we have released three young females in Mallorca: one first year and two second year. All three have adapted well, despite their respective histories of hardship which, fortunately, brought them to a rehabilitation centre. Many others die in the countryside without a second opportunity.


Daimiel, eating a gull. One can observe that her legs are more separated than normal as a result of the double fracture she had suffered.


It has been a very busy week in all the Bonelli captive breeding centres. Three layings have occurred in the three centres within less than ten days, ahead of the expected dates but very welcome. This time it was one of our pairs which in former years, due to their injuries, have not been able to breed successfully. The injuries of the male had made a normal copulation impossible and the eggs were infertile. However, we hope that the experience from former years helped him to overcome his handicap and that he managed to fertilize the eggs this time.


Days ago we informed you that a captivity breeding couple had begun their lay on January 21. Well, their french colleagues must have heard of the news and they didn’t want to be left behind. Both the centres managed by Christian Pacteau and that of Jean-Claude Mourgues have recently seen the beginning of the first lays in their centres.



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