In case anybody still had doubts about the power lines and their devastating effect on the Bonelli’s Eagles, we found it confirmed yet again by the recent cases of Escorial and Argonne. Still feeling the anxiety about the death by electrocution of these two unfortunate specimens, bred in captivity, reintroduced and followed via satellite thanks to our Life Bonelli Project, we want to share with you some details of the life cycles of these birds so dear to us. However, before that we have to reiterate our commitment to fight against a threat that still takes a heavy toll on many birds and proves especially lethal for the Bonelli’s Eagle. 


Fernando González, chief veterinarian of GREFA, shows a forest officer of the Community of Madrid where the electric shock entered the body of Argonne where she had been found.



Joan Mayol, Jefe del Servicio de Especies del Govern de les Illes Balears, sujeta al águila de Bonelli 'Escorial' el día de su llegada a Mallorca, para su posterior reintroducción. Foto: COFIB.


os especialistas del COFIB atienden a "Escorial" tras el rescate del que fue objeto pocos días después de echar a volar en Mallorca. Foto COFIB.



Esta fotografía muestra la entrada por ambas patas de 'Argonne' del latigazo de descarga eléctrica que provocó su muerte.


'Argonne', sobre uno de los puntos de alimentación instalado en la zona de liberación de las águilas de Bonelli de la Sierra Oeste de Madrid.



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