Two Bonelli’s Eagles equipped with transmitters in different nests in the central area of the peninsula (Dueña and Orusco) and a third one released in the western mountains of Madrid (Argonne), in the context of reintroduction of the species through the Life Bonelli Project, coincided within their area of dispersion.


Argonne, on one of the feeding points installed in the releasing zone of the Bonelli’s Eagles in the western mountains of Madrid.


As a further development of the work done in Mallorca in 2015 within the framework of Life Bonelli, six chicks have been released by COFIB by hacking.


Era de Ronda (above) and Estero (smaller being a male) are flying free in the skies of Mallorca on September 2. Photo: Adolfo Ferrero/GORA.


Our friend and collaborator Christian Pacteau, director of a breeding centre UFCS/LPO for Bonelli’s Eagles in the French department of Vendée, sent us his scientific article that has been published recently in the French ornithological magazine Alauda. We want to publish the reference here because of the author’s relationship with Life Bonelli and his interest in our common objective concerning the recuperation of the population of Bonelli’s Eagles.




Many of you already know that Deià is the name of the first Bonelli’s Eagle born in Mallorca in decades, one of the major achievements so far of our Life Bonelli Project.


Deià flying over her dispersion area in the south of Mallorca this past October 4.  Photo: Pep Manchado / GORA.


We have news about Yser, one of the Bonelli’s Eagles we are following by satellite thanks to the Life Bonelli Project.


The Bonelli’s Eagle Yser (bottom right) near the Strait of Gibraltar, together with a booted eagle and a short-toed eagle. Photo: Yeray Seminary/Birding the Strait


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